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Love designer earrings, but not the price? Jewelry can get unbelievably expensive. It is hard to justify purchasing trendy designer earrings when you may only wear them for a season or two. That is where Mock-off comes in. Click on the image to purchase.

Pearl Drop Earrings

Is there any earring as classic and elegant as a pearl earring? Get the look of these beautiful Linda Bergman drop earrings for less than $10 from Francesca's.

Star Shaped Earrings

Be the star that you are with these showstopping earrings. Live the super star life with the Jennifer Fisher designer earrings, or save a bit with these beauties from Berry.

Beaded Tassel Earrings

An easy wasy to add color or flare to an outfit is with a color pair of earrings. These tassel earrings are flirty and fun! Oscar de la Renta vs Stella & Ruby.

Wavy Disc Earrings

Subtle and sophsticated, these gold disc earrings go with any every day outfit. Get the designer look for less with these knockoffs from Zappos.

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