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Evening Dresses

evening dresses

Every woman should have an evening dress in their closet for those special occassions or nights they want to feel special. No need to spend a ton of money on a dress you will only wear a couple of times. Here are some designer inspired dresses; knock-offs from the top designers. Click on the image to purchase.

Pink One Shoulder Dress

Soft and feminine, this is the perfect dress for date night. Splurge on the adorable Rachel Zoe dress, or save some for the date with this knockoff from Julia Jordan.

Lace Panel Dress

Need a party dress or an option for a night out on the town? These lace paneled beauties are timeless. The designer version from Wolf & Badger seems perfect, until you see the affordable version from Boohoo.

Green Lace Dress

When I see this dress, I think of the perfect evening with dinner and a show. Drop a couple grand on the J.Mendel dress or drop $30 on this beauty from Asos.

Long Velvet Gown

Is there anything more indulgent than a velvet gown? That's why both of these price points are on the high end. Spend over $1000 on this dress by Attico, or spend just under $250 for this Hale Bob beauty.

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