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Every outfit needs good accessories. As we learned in Pretty Woman, designer necklaces are expensive. While not everyone can afford real jewels around their neck, anyone can rock the designer look.
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Velvet Charm Choker

This choker is what happens when two trends colide - chokers and velvet. A throwback to the late 90's for sure! As with all trends, it's probably better to save than to splurge.

Moon Necklace

Whether or not you believe in celestial majic, these moon necklaces are a simple and sophisticated style. If you like the look of the aha one but not the price, no worries! Lauren Conrad has an affordable version. The stars have aligned.

Gold Bar Necklace

IMO, when it comes to jewelry, the simpler the better. There is nothing more chic than a gold bar necklace. If you can afford the Talia Naomi version, go for it! I prefer the much less expensive Bluefly version.

Gold Coin Necklace

They say that gold coins are lucky. They also happen to be a nice accessory. Venyx vs. Kenneth Jay Lane

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