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Your favorite designer shoe styles for less. Click on the image to purchase.

Flat Embellished sandals

The shoes of the summer, Jack Rogers sandals are distinguishable from a mile away. No one will notice these more affordable Target knockoffs.

metalic Birkenstocks

Don't call them sandals. They're Birkenstocks, or "Birks" if you're lazy. Get the look of these iconic shoes for much less, with this pair from Boohoo.

canvas shoes

Who would knockoff an alturistic brand like Toms? Your favorite high school brand Sketchers, that's who. At least the name is clever...Bobs.

Suede Criss cross heels

What'll make you jump, jump? These Suede criss cross heels, of course. Aerosoles has a pair, just save some cash on this look alike from Target.

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