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Perhaps with the exception of wedding and engagement rings, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a designer ring. There are almost always affordable alternatives. Below is a round up of knock-off rings that'll look great on any finger. Click on the image to purchase.

Pave Dome Ring

When you can't make it to the party, you bring the party to you! This pave ring is all glitz. Get the look of this ring from The RealReal for a fraction of the price on Kohl's.

Gold Heart Ring

For when you wear your heart on your...finger. This dainty gold heart piece is delicate, just like your most precious organ. Jennifer Meyer vs. Etsy

Sapphire Ring

Is there a jewel more stunning than a deep blue sapphire? These rings manage to capture it's beauty, while remaining subtle and delicate. Splurge on the Gurhan version for $1250 or save a bit on the Etsy version for just $25.

Pyramid Ring

Not quite as large as the famous pyramids in Egypt, the small pyramids on this ring still make a statement. Get the look of this Sydney Evans ring for much less from Jennifer Fisher.

Angel Wing Ring

I've heard of these types of rings being worn as a memorial to a lost person or pet. I'm not sure, but they're definitely beautiful! Sydney Evan vs. Latelita London.

Snake Ring

Not quite as nice as Taylor Swift's snake ring, but these rose gold beauties will do. Splurge on the Talia Naomi version for $1230 or save a bit on the Wild Hearts version for just $111.

Signet Ring

Make a statement with these unexpected rings. Both of them are affordable, but the Covet ring is a little less than the Soko Soko version.

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