Designer Inspired Vests

Featured Vest Styles

  Vests don't always work. Sometimes you can end up looking frumpy and out-of-style. But with certain designer vests you can look pulled together and on trend. Click on the image to purchase.

Blue Puffer Vest

Whether you're hitting the slopes, or bundling up in the city, this puffer vest is sure to keep you warm and cozy. Moncler vs Calvin Klein

Black and White Plaid Vest

This flattering plaid vest is the perfect piece for layering. Wear it over a casual shirt or a chic dress - it works both ways. St.Johns vs BCBG

Long Maxi Vest

This maxi vest is all about sophistication. It's the perfect compliment for a work outfit. Splurge on the Michael Kors vest or save with this version from Blvd.

Quilted Vest

No matter how you style it, this vest is super cute. No need to splurge on the Moncler vest when the US Polo vest is much cheaper and just as cute.


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