Designer Inspired Watches

Featured Watch Styles

Watches are both functional and stylish. What better way to add a bit of bling to your wrist? But designer watches can be expensive. Many times other companies make similar watches with the same functionality and style. Click on the image to purchase.

Marble Face Watch

It doesn't get much more feminine than marble and rose gold. Why not wear it on your wrist? Get the designer version or the knock off version from Asos for much less.

Rose Gold Watch

What's more iconic than a Michael Kors watch right now? You don't need to pay the Michael Kors price. Get the lookalike for less than $50.

Green Face Watch

They say that green is lucky - couple it with gold and this has got to be the luckiest watch ever. Get the designer look from Roberto Cavalli for much less with this inspired watch.

Mesh Band Watch

These chic watches are simple and sophisticated. That's why you don't need to drop a ton of dollars on a designer version. We've got you covered with this knockoff.


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